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Chat with your customers now

Getting your business online is more important than ever before!. With more people at home, it means more people are on the internet and potentially on your website.

In a recent study, 59% of visitors on a website are more likely to use live chat if it is available to them.

This month we have teamed up with Matters Magazine to bring live chat to every business on the sunshine coast. It matters to us that the sunshine coast businesses have the best resources to get more leads, close more sales, book more meetings and connect with their customers.

Is conversational marketing worth it?
We’ve put together a small calculator to help you see how much money you could be making by implementing conversational marketing in your business.

What you get

We are offering over $500 consultation and training for free!

1. FREE Livechat Implimentation session
Anyone can put live chat on their website – but that’s just the start. Our implementation service takes into account branding, integrations with CRMS, protective chats and much more. Proper setup delivers you better results and more conversations.
2. FREE Half hour conversion and lead gen optimisation session
When a visitor to your website engages with your live chat they will be more than 5x more likely to convert. This one to one session is aimed to take a deep look into your website and find areas where we can improve conversions and leads. We also take a look at your visitors’ behaviour to find areas that can be used to help convert more users.