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Meet me on Clubhouse – a new conversational social

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Have you ever been at an event or conference and seen a group of people talking about a topic and thought to yourself “I wish I be a fly on the wall in that conversation?”

That is what the new social media app Clubhouse sets out to achieve. Clubhouse for those of you who don’t know, is drop-in audio, social media of sorts that allows you to connect with others and to learn from experts in multiple and various other fields.

The nice thing about it is a kind of a brand new app. I haven’t felt this way about an app since I first joined Instagram. Still, in the early stages of this app, Clubhouse there is so much traction to be gained and so much knowledge to be gleaned from other people on there so far.

There are times where the rooms are complete rubbish, but the nice thing is you can jump in and out – it’s called drop-in audio for a reason. For anybody interested in growing on social media, this app is pre-algorithm. It’s the perfect time to get amongst it and establish yourself on the platform. In the beginning, the best way is to be consistent – being on often enough that people know what to expect from you. Secondly, engaging with your audience well being. Don’t be someone that’s just going to take take take; You’re not going to grow an audience by doing that.

Being a consumer in this app is incredible. Suppose it’s something you’re looking to grow with and help expand your audience, brand and influence. In that case, I think that giving as much value as you’re getting out of the app will be something that will be beneficial to people. The nice thing is that you never know who is going to drop in and who you’re going to talk too.

People are giving an insane amount of valuable information that you would typically have to pay for at workshops or conferences. I’ve listened to some amazingly talented people. In some of these rooms, I’ve heard stuff that I usually listen to people teach at their actual workshops. I’ve been in rooms with CEOS and actors; you never know what’s going to happen – you never know what you’re going to learn.

I enjoy the fact that the platform is not polished at this point at least if no one is giving pre-scripted stuff; for the most part, many rooms have general topics. Still, most of the time you’re not getting that like perfection, real edited podcast makes the platform feel a lot more natural and raw.

Radio is one of the most personal forms of mediums. I think that is why Clubhouse feels so much different from the other social media out there. You can gain a lot of insight and knowledge and deepen your relationships and trust with other people using voice. It conveys empathy and infliction and tone, which you don’t get with typed formats. It’s going to be great for brand building.

It’s a super great resource, and I feel like Clubhouse will take off in the future.