Hello - the Art of conversation

5 welcome messages that are better than “we are here to help”

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Starting a conversation can be hard for most. In most cases, it’s an ongoing battle within to just engage in a chat, let alone actually talk.

I was terrible at speaking to people.  I was awkward and never knew how to start a conversation with someone (let a lot a woman). I digress, this is not a blog about dating, it’s about starting conversations. More importantly, on Live chat.

How do you start your conversations online? With a “hello”, maybe “guess what” or do you wait for someone to instigate the convo?

Over the course of a few months I learnt that almost 70% of businesses who put live chat on their website never update  the welcome message. They are missing out and won’t see the benefit of live chat.

Today, I want to give you some of tips on instigating a live chat with a visitor on your website and how to get a reply.

I’ve been on countless websites where they do one of two things:

  • They talk too much, or the chat pop up becomes so annoying that you leave the website
  • or, they don’t chat enough and you question if the live chat is even monitored?

There is a fine line but I’m here to help you.

Let’s chat about the common response on live chat. The “We’re online, and here to help” or the “How can I help”. These are common playbook conversation welcomes in most live chat software. There should be changed real quick. Go, get to the page now, then come back here to read the next part. I’ll be here waiting…

Okay, I want to give you 5 great conversation starters that can guarantee some engaging conversations without annoying the heck out of your website visitors. Remember though, it’s not the first question that is the most important question, or the first greeting you give. It’s the one that follows up the response that is more important.

  • The ‘intriguing question’ play
    This play is one of the easiest plays to recommend. To use this play you need to hook the customer in with a question that will make the customer want to talk to you. An example of this is “Did you want to know a secret?”. Everyone wants to know a secret, it’s up to you to tell them something that will continue an engaging conversation.
  • The ‘you can too’ play

         This easy play is also another easy welcome message that you can put in play today!

         Simply introduce your self with you can also statement, for example, “Our customers have                                      trained their dogs to stop barking in 1 day. You can too, want to find out how?”.

  • ‘The Offer they can’t refuse’ play
    Say hello to my little friend…the offer play. This is how you execute this play. “Hey traveller👋, don’t scroll yet! Did you want an easy 25% off your shop? Reply and it’s yours!”
  • Stalker, Stalker
    ha, this one sounds bad but it is a killer play! Most live chat systems allow you to target uses based on how many times they’ve come to your website. Why not welcome them back? The play is easy. “Oh hey you, nice to see you back!”. This feels super personal and can help your visitor interact with you.
  • The best for last is the ‘Google play’
    This play is a bit advanced but you can actually target new visitors to your website that have come from different websites. You can even target users if they used a specific search term to get to your website. This play is relatively easy, here’s an example; “We have the perfect red shoes for any classy woman like yourself! Want me to point you to my personal favourite?”. This play is so, so, so powerful if used well!

Bonus tip: Use all of them with different targeting to give your customers the ultimate welcome every time they come to your website.

That’s some of my favourite welcome playbooks.  Do you have a favourite welcome play that you think should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below 👇