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Convodojo do more than just Live chat Marketing our digital marketing services are for any business. Check out what we do


Live Chat

Messaging is how people communicate today. People don’t want to — nor do they have the time to fill out forms and wait for the response, deal with dull nurturing emails or talk to sales people on the phone.

Live Chat Services makes it easy to talk to people that are live on your site. You can answer people’s customers in real-time, convert more leads and start closing more deals. We help you talk to people in the right place, at the right time with the right message.

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Email Automation

Emails aren’t dead, and they won’t be for a very long time. However, emails have become boring, hard to read, or just plain out spam with nothing that gives value to the person receiving it.

At Convodojo, we don’t want to help you create bi-monthly email newsletters. We want to help you create engaging emails that assist your clients and customers through the sales journey and keeps them engaged and 100% on your side.

Chatbot setup and Implimentation

These days bots are so much more intelligent and can take your customers to experience from average to amazing! Think of them as a personal sales assistant qualifying leads 24/7 on your behalf, booking consultations or even helping your customers with those pesky questions you get every day.

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Website Design

We are pretty good at website design, Not your average websites, Not ridiculously fancy but useable straightforward websites that are easy to understand and convert. Oh, also we are conversational centric in the way they are designed.

Slack Messaging For Business

Here at Convodojo, we are so over pointless one-sentence emails from other people in our team (Barb…..we are talking at you). You can waste so much time deleting, staring and taking information from these emails just to put them into other platforms. It’s just not productive.

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Social Media Marketing and Advertising

We say to ourselves, if social media isn’t social then whats the point. We have run social media campaigns for large and small business all across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We’d love to chat with you about how we can help you.

We work with the best

We have learnt from the best! No matter what your budget, or your business goals we have the best solution for you