Chat Bots

You're businesses personal concierge


Here are a few things we are asked when talking about chat bots

  • Are you a real person
  • Why would I have a robot do Livechat? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

They are both great questions. Yes, we are 100% human (we think 🤔). To be completely honest, they use to be terrible. You’d ask a bot one thing, and it would spit out random messages that had nothing to do with what you requested it. — ugh infuriating right?

These days bots are so much more intelligent and can take your customers to experience from average to amazing! Think of them as a personal sales assistant qualifying leads 24/7 on your behalf, booking consultations or even helping your customers with those pesky questions you get every day.

Did you want to know a secret? Bots are so good that the transition between bot and human can be seamless.

Here are a few reasons why Live Chat Bots can help your business:

  1. Bots can take the load off your phone systems freeing up your sales team to make more sales and your support teams to tackle harder questions.
  2. They can increase your conversions of leads 2x
  3. Offer the right answers to users questions faster than searching or talking to a  sales representative.

We’d love to talk to you more about bots and show you some examples. Why not chat with us and we can have our “concierge” send you some excellent inspiration to get you excited about Live Chat Bots.

Getting Started Is The Easiest Thing You'll Do Today

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1. Chat With Us

We will discover your unique business needs to help you turn your website visitors into leads

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2. Build and Deploy

Work with our team to setup and customise live chat for your business

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3. Start seeing conversions

Once live chat is setup and running and your team has been trained start seeing growth.


Let us guide you

💬Live Chat

Let’s work out strategies, plans, and give you direction to converting leads on your website through live chat.

🤖Chat Bots

We will work with you to create the perfect playbook to create custom chat bots that help take the load off your sales team.

📧Email Automation

Keep your leads hot and your customers coming back with automated drip campaigns and AI driven emails that convert.