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Increase your teams productivity by 150%


Here at Convodojo, we are so over pointless one-sentence emails from other people in our team (Barb…..we are talking to you). You can waste so much time deleting, starring and taking information from these emails just to put them into other platforms. It’s just not productive.

We want to help make your team as productive as possible through the power of business messaging. A lot of companies are working remotely out of offices these days. The virtual culture is upon us.  Messaging platforms for a business not only increase productivity, but they can also organise team members’ workday, their tasks, and their lives from their work-life (It’s essential) and here at Convodojo, we have a strict no emails on the mobile policy.

So why would your business need Chat for business:

  • Your answer to many unnecessary emails from staff.
  • Your team are missing crucial information and business updates
  • Project communications are separated over four forms of media.

These things are infuriating, right?

Business messaging can help your business.

  • Declutter your emails for literally just external communications from clients and vendors.
  • Your teams can keep all project files, communications and links to other platforms in one       place
  • Never miss essential company updates and information. It’s all there.

If this seems like things that you believe would help your business, our team would love to walk you through some business messaging features and answer your questions now. Please chat with us to find out more about company messaging platforms like Slack, Flock, Notion, Microsoft Teams, and Chanty.

Chat for business allows your teams to communicate effectively and efficiently without the need for long email threads.

  • No one wants mail threads that are difficult to follow one-sentence replies or emails that are super long.
  • Save time, find what you’re looking for without the hassle of spending hours answering staff emails all-day
  • Store essential files for projects and integrate your marketing platforms into the chat to make it easier to track the progress of campaigns, plans or live chat messages.

Please chat with us today.

  • Slack
  • Facebook for business
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Wechat
  • WhatsApp
  • Telecom

Getting Started Is The Easiest Thing You'll Do Today

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1. Chat With Us

We will discover your unique business needs to help you turn your website visitors into leads

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2. Build and Deploy

Work with our team to setup and customise live chat for your business

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3. Start seeing conversions

Once live chat is setup and running and your team has been trained start seeing growth.


Let us guide you

💬Live Chat

Let’s work out strategies, plans, and give you direction to converting leads on your website through live chat.

🤖Chat Bots

We will work with you to create the perfect playbook to create custom chat bots that help take the load off your sales team.

📧Email Automation

Keep your leads hot and your customers coming back with automated drip campaigns and AI driven emails that convert.