Conversational Marketing

What is conversational marketing? 5 assured things your business needs to know.

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Conversational Marketing

5 assured things your business needs to know about conversational marketing

For many years digital marketing and sales techniques had fallen short of the face-to-face approach where consumers entered a store to buy a product. The online culture has shaped consumers who want information faster, need quick answers to their questions and want to engage with your business on their terms. Conventional digital marketing just doesn’t come close to helping these customers.

It’s a scary thought but, online customers want more than only your service or products; they come expecting and already educated on your product. Conversational marketing helps bridge these gaps, and allows people visiting your website to get their information faster, have their questions answered and engage with your business on their terms. Here are seven reasons why your customers are looking for live chat on your website:

It’s Convenient 

Customer experience is more valuable than the products or service you offer. If a customer can’t get the answers or help on a particular product when they need it the most, it gives a bad experience on your brand. Conversational marketing helps not only sell your product or service; it helps sell convenience.

Engagement and opportunity

I want you to imagine walking into a shoe shop. You want to try on new runners, only to find out that you’ll need to fill in your name, email, date of birth, and once more, wait a couple of hours for a response… you’d walk away, right? Your visitors are doing just that on your website…walking out. When you engage with a customer who is hot to buy sooner the opportunity to close is higher.

The ‘now’ mentality

With the likes of Facebook Messenger, WeChat, whats-app and other social messaging services, people have come to expect fast response times when they send a message; this is why website forms are more likely to be abandoned; people don’t want to wait for a response.

You’ve read three reasons why your customer wants live chat, but what about the benefits for your business? Here are some of the best reasons you need live chat on your website now:

Increased conversion rates

Implementing Live-chat on your website can seriously increase the engagement and overall conversion of visitors on your site. Bounce-rates are important to how your website ranks on search engines. Live chat can help lower bounce rates and also help visitors understand the content they are reading on your site.

Increased selling opportunities

Ecommerce businesses are implementing live chat to aid in the selling of their products by incentivising engagement with discounts, for answering questions live.

Improved customer satisfaction

Live chat can increase customer satisfaction because they have a quick, simple way to get the answers to their questions and the support they need, right away.

Nurture your main qualified leads in seconds

Using live chat allows you to qualify leads easily while giving your customer a guided experience throughout the entirety of your marketing and sales funnel.

Create a more effective sales team

Sales are important to any business; live chat gives your sales team the flexibility of providing great customer experience while giving your team the tools that help get customers over the line and create meaningful relationships.

We are still continuing to update this page with awesome information until it’s an amazing guide on conversational marketing. Until then you’ll have to wait until next week